Cohort I Induction Challenge

Cohort II Induction Challenge


  • Meet Alethea Walker
    Alethea Walker’s project is titled: Promoting High Quality Green Infrastructure and the delivery of Multiple Benefits through Improved Connectivity, Maintenance Regimes and Vegetation Specification
  • Meet Daniel Ruth
    Daniel Ruth’s project is titled: Rapid process optimisation procedures and process selection methods for natural organic matter removal from drinking water.
  • Meet Rowan Pearce
    Rowan Pearce’s project is titled; Delivering a Resilient Approach to Tertiary Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater
  • Meet Christos Iliadis
    Christos Iliadis’ project is titled: Improved flood modelling for the built environment and infrastructure – Achieving urban flood resilience through hydrodynamic models
  • Meet Killian Gleeson
    Killian Gleeson’s project is titled: Decoding Distribution Data
  • Meet Clervie Genevois
    Clervie Genevois’ project is titled: Service Reservoir Integrity
  • Meet Dimitris Athanasopoulos-Tseles
    Dimitris Athanasopoulos-Tseles’ project is titled: Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment

Public Engagement

Harry Nicklin (Cohort II) participated in the FameLAB Science Communication competition, where researchers give a 3 minute talk on their research. Harry successfully made it to the Cambridge Regional final of the 2021 competition.