Meet Isabel Carneiro

Email: [email protected]

Academic and Industrial affiliations: The University of Sheffield, UKWIR

Title of research project: Achieving biologically stable / low AOC water in the UK

Uncontrolled regrowth of microorganisms in drinking water may alter colour, taste, and odour, have health consequences for consumers and generate significant cost for water utilities. In this context, achieving biological stability is critical for water utilities to supply consumers with water that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. The project aims to better understand and assess biological stability from treatment to tap, including the role of both water treatment and distribution on this process.

The project consists of three parts: historic data analysis, field, and laboratory work. First, analysis of large historic datasets from UK water utilities will draw out correlations between multiple parameters, identifying potential drivers and consequences of biological stability. Second, field work will compare the influences of different water sources, treatment processes and distribution practices on regrowth from treatment to tap in real world conditions. Finally, using a full-scale flow and temperature controlled experimental drinking water distribution facility, the role of biofilm on biological stability will be studied in three different nutrient conditions.