PhDs – October 2021 start

The below PhD positions have closed for applications

Performance assessment and whole-life costing of STW grit removal processes

Andy Nichols, Simon Tait & Daniel Jarman – applications closed

Water Chemistry

Irene Carra, Peter Jarvis & Bruce Jefferson – applications closed

Soil as a core infrastructure to achieve catchment resilience

Andrea Momblanch, Rob Simmons, Alister Leggatt & Shaun Dowman – applications closed

Identification of the precursors and the potential to minimise nitrogenous disinfection by products and their toxicological importance

Emma Goslan & John Haley – applications closed

Resource and energy recovery from sewage sludge by optimised advanced thermal conversion process control

Stuart Wagland, Yadira Bajon Fernandez, Peter Winter & Aurelien Perrault – applications closed

Securing drinking water supplies: the role of organic matter on water treatability

Peter Jarvis, Irene Carra & Adam Brookes – applications closed

Ammonia to energy: A key decarbonisation strategy for the water sector

Ewan McAdam & Andrew Moore – position filled

Applied biotechnology to enhance resilience of wastewater treatment plants

Ana Soares & Bruce Jefferson – applications closed

Controlling water chemistry to improve drinking water quality and minimising disinfection by-products

Emma Golsan, Peter Jarvis & Bruce Jefferson – applications closed

Real Time Forecasting of Catchment Water Quality to Improve Supply Resilience

James Shucksmith, Michael Chipps & Keiron Maher – position filled

Achieving biologically stable / low AOC water in the UK

Joby Boxhall, John Haley & Peter Jarvis – applications closed

Effects of microplastics on interactions between soil biota, soil structure and crop performance in sewage sludge-amended soils

Steven Thornton & Jonathan Leake – position filled

Minimising whole life carbon emissions in a multi-site utility

Oliver Heidrich and Anthony Browne – position filled

The future of wastewater-based epidemiology (joint project with University of Sheffield)

David Graham, Vanessa Speight, Andrew Moore & George Ponton – position filled

Resilience of Groundwater Resource under Severe Drought

Geoff Parkin, Brian Thomas & Geoff Darch – position filled

The PhDs are open to UK and international students (including EU countries) however due to funding rules, no more than 30% of the projects in this cohort can be allocated to international students.